July 8th, 2002


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So what to write really
It's been a big weekend. Mad meetings in civeng with fighting and bitching and me finally deciding to speak up and do my thing of taking charge and providing a workable solution - i'd been trying not to play politics - afterall i was the hired temp - but things were frustrating me.

Office full of funky ppl - followed by catching up and good food and conversation and fun at ongs.
I find myself in the interesting position of loking at various social events and stuff and the way they work and how i organise them in melb and how that would differ/compare to me being in canberra instead.... its strange - and i get the feeling that lots of the stuff i do in melb wouldn't work in canberra... scene there is just different, and smaller and interacts differently and all.

Sometime after ongs it was back to my house via work and much alchol was consumed, mikey dissapeared somewhere with my car, and ppl played board games and ate indian and drank some more - there are photo's - qamars hair was bleached and metal bits added, madi on her knee's with barrington and a champagne bottle, and some wild funky fun things - a nice welcome home.

Friday assorted shopping - which is never any fun without money, and abyss like goodness, there was even food in there somewhere and a long D&M with mikey thats still incomplete. More funky photo's - yeah for camera goodness.
Abyss rocked - I danced to the entire set of Snog and damn was i exhausted afterwards, but some much bass, and pounding and noise and vibration and bass - it was soooo goood! also as other ppl have mentioned the sheer size of the crowd wasn't doing the ventilation system any favours. As birthdays go - it was definately a big one - although i think the birthday bit got overwhelmed by the snog bit. I left around 3 - luckily the ppl in my car were willing to leave then so i didn't have any mucking around. The crowd was great - the smoke got a bit much :)

Saturday - all i really wanted to do was sleep in, maybe curl up and watch a few episodes or something, all of which is tricky with a house full of ppl, so I ended up loaning mike the car so he could go do the stuff he wanted to do and mucked around cooking and cleaning and watching crap with glenda and madi. And then it was party time, I have to admit to not being overly enthusiastic about this party - despite the fact i arrenged the venue for mikey. I was pretty dissapointed by the food - which is a shame cos i love alaysa's food in general - but they were understaffed, and i don't think it really bothered many ppl, the casual atmosphere made it all that much better for moving around and chatting rather than stuck in one place eating smeg loads of food. Far more ppl showed up than RSVP'd which made it kind of crowded... ANd i arranged for cheese cake to be there - which was, admittedly we made a mess cutting it but it still tasted great :) mmm chocolate and berries! oh and did i mention more photos!

And mikey's rather nice cognac was very very nice and damn this decision to drive.

After having a house full of ppl for several days me and my new flatmate madi! We need a better introduction than 'this is madi, she is my ex husband!' although that worked... maybe i'll try 'this is madi, she's good in bed' :-) - afterall it worked once before :)

We figured some cleaning up and sorting stuff and all was in order - but nesting and vids seemed to be the flavour of the day. We hired some stuff - and discovered we've been blacklisted at some video shops - due to something involving a vid store that stuff was hired from in gore st - and the list of video's is one neither me nor madi would hire - given everyone in that house pretty much used my card... grrr really - kind of amusing tho.

Addams family 3 is dreadful - even with tim curry (the reason we hired it) we made it 20 mins in before watching Bagdad Cafe instead. Then we watched Capra's Arsenic and Old Lace and that was a wonderful movie - i think i'll put capra on my list of directors to collect movies of - along with kubrik and burton.

So how do i feel. Happy to have madi here - i was a little worried, but so far everything seems great and i think this can work well, relieved not to have a house full of ppl, but it was great to spend the weekend with them, thanks mikey :) There is some emotional stuff - but nothing serious. More just tiredness and a little bit of excitement because it is 4 more sleeps!

Oh and someone wants to publish one of my short stories... *gosh*