July 9th, 2002


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So I get an email from someone asking if they can publish a short story I've written.
It's on the web already in a collection of ACG (aus.culture.gothic) short stories I compiled a year or so ago. All the pieces written by acg posters. I plan to do a hardcopy version at some point. The online collection is called subPlots - yes its a bunch of goths

But so this guy emails me and asks if he can use my story. Its a published thing, hardcopy, not a friend or me! its only a zine but one of my goals was to get something i'd written published independantly, not online or whatever and it looks like thats about to come true!

can you guess how i feel?

if you want to read my story thats been selected its here

In fact - please read it - and get back to me with comments, critisms, spelling errors etc - because i need to clean it up and email it off to the people that want to publish it!

what does this button do?

So I'vve poked with some filters and removed a few ppl from my friends list and so on - please don't be offended if you have been removed - i'm just trying to keep the amount of posts under control - bloody verbose lot you all are and i haven't time to keep up, so i need to prioritise

I made some filters go - I still am not sure with posting security things but i'll have to test it

You notice the edit entry box seems to be better than the update entry page?

How many ppl here use an LJ client they download and how many just use the website? I've been tring and failing to compile the gnome linux version