July 17th, 2002


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So I'm back in melbourne and my minds all a flutter, all these emotions happening to ppl around me and to me and life is rather hectic and confused right now - its very definately a time of change for me and for everyone around me it seems, everyone is changing and growing and exploring new worlds new ideas and new hopes.

I'm pretty sure I'm moving to canberra at the end of the year - thats one decision made.

Where's my life going? - I'm not quite sure but willing to throw myself in with enthusiasiam and find out.

Also - I have a few extra LJ codes - anyone know anyone who wants one? - i'd prefer them to be a real life friend of mine.

free tickets

So my dvd's arrived in the mail and with them a free pass 2 for 1 to a movie called Unfaithful.
Its a buy one get one free sort of deal

I've had a look at IMDB and it doesn't seem like my sort of movie so does anyone want a free ticket to this movie?

Delwyn - movie boy - I'm looking at you

It opens tomorrow.

So comment if you want the ticket and give a good reason - in case i have to decide who gets it :)
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