July 18th, 2002


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Well decision time over

I just spoke to my uberboss on the phone.
I didn't get the web job - one of the main reasons being i don't have much multimedia experience - ie Flash and Shockwave and all - and i don't really want to - so i'm not very upset

It also removes the last reason I had to seriously stay in Melbourne. I mean I love my social group and all my friends and will miss my city dreadfully.

But after September (lease expires) I'll be looking for work in Canberra - and when i get a job - I'll be moving down there.

So yup - any Canberran's out there - know of any work going? Me and butterfly will be returning soon.

And everyone - wish me luck.
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wibble (not mikey)

too many emotions - all these decisions made and now comes the angst about wether its the right decision or not and all this other info coming from different angles and suprises and stuff

Time to go home and wibble quietly i think

hugs would be nice right now
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