July 19th, 2002


Live Music in SA

So I was listening to JJJ this morning and I hear the SA gavernment has passed a bill making it easier for live music venues to defend themselves against Residents Action Committees.

Now most ppl would have heard My anti residents actions groups ranting - groups like that made of ppl that move inner city to be close to the cafe and pubs night life and then get shitty when it doesn't close at 10pm and how many pubs have closed because of groups like this - and how its killing pub culture and the live music scene rant on rant on.

Residents Action Groups have to much power.
Now the SA govt has done something about that. Maybe we need to start lobbying the Vic govt to do something similar - live music is an intergral part of Melbourne's culture and the fast growing developments in the inner city are putting that increasingly at risk. So do something or hope that SA govt starts a fad...

So three cheers for them!

On other news - I'm wibbling less - the decision made, now its a plunge in see what happens.

And I've found out who got the web job that wasn't me. And now I'm pissed off. It was a web person from a different dept that created an abomination of unusuable website and i thought the job was being made to prevent that....

And students - I don't really give a fuck if you can't access the hotmail website

Post wibble (no still not mikey)

Rather than respond to each comment

i just want to say - a very greatful thanks to all who offered hugs and good wishs for me.

I don't know what happens next, I'm not sure how things will work, but i'm willing to try. What did entrippy say 'take a chance on happiness, you never know what will happen, but its better to try than wonder...'

I think its time for a .sig change.. something about journeys and new lands and what happens next.. suggestions?