August 2nd, 2002


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Reading throught LJ - at least 3 friends recently caught up with old friends they hadn't seen in awhile. Over email I've recently been emailed out of the blue by an old friend and had some nice conversations - and talking to another friend they have been doing the same, although with an ex girlfriend rather than ex boyfriend.

So I guess it seems to be the time for it - okay - everyone - think of someone you haven't seen for awhile and send them an email and renew an old aqaintence - this is your mission for the day :) And tell me if you are successful :)

Me... I'm pretty good. I've been sitting upstairs eating cherries with the ppl i work with and now my fingers are all purple. Didn't get much sleep last nite :) Madi and Kate crawled in at about 5ish :)

Picked boy up from airport and went to megan's bday dinner thingy. It was this really nice japanese place - quite cheap - close to ongs. Got to see her sister and a nice boy called Jacob I met last year.

There was birthday wishes and yummy food and investigating of loot :) Then they went of to a film festival thingy and cos it was a nice fine nite with good weather, I took boy investigating King's Domian and the gardens around there.

We then went to Blue train for cake and drinks, and low and behold the sky exploded in thunder and lightning and raininess - seemingly from out of nowhere - I didn't spot it coming. We found an interesting shop that sold interested bottles and things to put in them - like liquers and oils and stuff

it was fun - we got very soggy running back to the car tho :)
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