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Hobbes' Journal
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Tuesday, August 6th, 2002

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Snow and Fire and Love and Dreams and Logging

So I went to the snow - it was the adventure i had to have :)

Lets start at the start shall we - What I did on me holidays part the first.

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Current Mood: contemplative
So I guess I'm going to pheno :)

After a long time of saying i'd never do the long bus trip thing again i'm crawling back on the bus in the name of poverty and love :)

Bussing to Canberra on thursday nite - arrive in Canberra at 'o god o clock' on friday morning - my plans soon after that involve sleep.

So I'll be looking for ppl to entertain me Friday day and Monday day while Boy is at work?? Liz, Alison - I'm looking at you :)

Everyone else - see you all at pheno :) Now Julian just has to arrange the rest of our team :)

Leaving very late monday nite to arrive in melb tuesday morning

The funky bit - the bus station on Franklin street is very very close to the university car park - so i can drive to the bus station and have somewhere safe to leave my car all weekend :)


2.5 sleeps

I'll count the bus trip as a .5 sleep :)

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