August 12th, 2002


Tired tiggrr

Gosh - big weekend

It was a fun con and i'm glad i made the effort to come down. played 4 games and 1 freeform. Really really enjoyed the SLA game, and had fun with my team.

My team ended up being Aveline, Nigel, Julian, Andrew Smith (with optional Ryan added) and Me.

It was great to catch up with ppl and spend quality time with more than i have been managing to catch up with on recent visits. I'm currently using Mikey's puter to LJ - that boy is far to generous :) And been spending the morning in wonderful conversation.

I've always liked Pheno for the vibe, its always been a friendly con, something that stood out really starkly was how tht had changed - the gaming scene down here has really changed over the few years i've been associated with it - which is interested because its pretty much the same ppl - i think more fragmented than it was tho. I'd like to do something about that. Put it on my todo list with the move to canberra plans :)

It was still a great friendly con, and Ryan currently rocks my world with his generousity in providing my with real mugs and funky tea and real coffee which i used to make my boy really happy :)

It's definately been a weekend for celebration and suprises and goodness and happiness.

Had a long talk with my boy last night and everything is pretty damn close to wonderful. I mean there is still some scary bits, but i'm not afraid of them. I feel secure and good and I think we've got the communication thing happening very well. I was a bit nervous cos after i leave canberra tonite - i'm not going to see him for a longer time than we have gone without seeing each other before we started playing. And i think I will miss him lots, but think - hell times moving pretty fast anyway so it wont be that long anyway.

I went to Gorman House Markets and they rocked - definately one for the Canberra enticements list. Brought a few things, spent quality time with Mikey, had fun food and generally a good time.

Anyway - thats the summary - more detail to come when i'm less tired :)