August 13th, 2002


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There are too many people hurting around me at the moment. Some people are happy, and pain is often harder to spot than joy. Everything goes round in cycles. Its time to remind us all of the good things.

Okay - everyone had to post at least one good thing when they read this!

Only one thing is final - everything else is open to change and choice and hope and dreams and time.

LJ is a fantastic community, and our friends are also a fantastic community.
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ONQQ - numberplate of the day

So I get a call from my dentist - they have had a cancellation so i can go in tomorrow evening and get my teeth fixed. This is good - cos it means i don't have to wait another week, which means less antibiotics, less painkillers and less money given to health insurance fund so I'm better finacially. And don't have to have a sore jaw for longer - and not be sick on madi's birthday.

Thanks for all the comments and support i got from my depressed post the other week

qamar commented
Why do we all have to feel guilty when someone buys us stuff? Why are we all such individualists? We're a community, a family, a bunch of people who care about our friends and if you ever need money for medical costs or food or bills etc.. and can't afford it, your friends will help.

I think her point is that friends will help - for whatever - i know i certainly will help others - so don't be afraid to ask.

But anyway - its time for some thankyous.

gadge for talking me into Pheno, it was heaps of fun.
nigelw for buying my drugs, feeding me and loving me, nigel - you know how i feel.
wibble for giving me a loan on short notice so i can pay the dentist, even tho it will leave him short of cash. Mikey you are one of the bestest friends.
seedy_girl for her caring and concern and calling me a 3am - i owe you a hot chocolate or two!
madigrrl for being there to curl up on the couch with me this morning.

and everyone else who deserves thanks
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