August 14th, 2002


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bored bored bored at work

I was having second thoughts about moving to canberra if madi decided to stay in melbourne, but after some thought, and my weekend, am thinking that I still want to move, and even though i don't want to leave madi, canberra is still looking like my preferred option. I need the change. I see a community in canberra I could work with, I see new areas to explore, I have friends i want to be in the same city is, and yes of course i want to be with my Boy.

I go to the dentists real soon now. Leave work and go in while they do oral surgery on my jaw - ouchie i'd almost prefer to be knocked out while dentists pull things out. Madi is coming into the city to meet me after the appointment and help me get home - something i really appreciate. Wish me luck at the dentists - and pray its not to complicated so it doesn't cost me oodles of cash.

Its been reasonably interesting day - talking to and catching up with friends online. But time to go to the dentists now

I will talk with some ppl later tonite and hopefully be back online tomorrow or friday at the latest
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