August 21st, 2002


Productive tiggrr, and book crossing


I'm a productive tiggrr! I came home last nite and did stuff i should have done weeks ago. I guess madigrrl can consider it a bday present

I finally got around to rearranging my room and moving most of my shit out of madi's room. I've moved my bed, so its against the wall, and now i have more floor space. I also moved a set of drawers into madi's room so she can use it, and moved all my boxes out of her room into mine. I have far too many books for a start and not enough book shelfs, I need at least 3 more. I sorted through many piles of stuff and threw lots of stuff out.

I talked for nearly an hour to my Boy on the phone, and i love him and miss him lots. And getting more impatient for when we can be in the same city all the time. And then I made him a suprise - but shhh its a secret. This is a weird one, its not the mad crazy spend the rest of my life with you love i had with madi. But its sweet and gentle and is making me happy.

I need to go through all my clothes and throw lots of stuff out, stuff i never wear, or realisticly I dont think i'll be a size 8 again and rubbish. Two piles, one for charity one for the bin. I guess i should see if anyone wants to go through the pile for charity before its dumped.

So I'm angsting over whether or not to join book crossing. It seems like a funky idea and all. And i like the idea of book karma. But i'm also very proud of my book collection and love them all.

Now I'm also getting the feeling from madi and kate that i should set free books i really treasure, and given how expensive books are these days i can't afford to do that. Cos then i'd just have to buy replacements. I'm the sort of person that reads the same book over and over.

Yeah, so its possesive and material of me, and not that generous, but these are books i want to keep and maybe one day give to kids i have. I'm happy to loan some of my favourite to friends, and am quite generous about loaning books and suggesting books i think ppl might like, and i have friends who appreciate this.

I'm incapable of throwing out books and hence have some dreadful stuff in my collection.

However I do have books I'm willing to set free. They are not my favourites, well some are, they are stuff i have 2 copies of, so am happy to give away one of the copies. And some stuff I wont reread. Now giving them to charity would be fine, but would giving them to book crossing be okay?

or is that not in the spirit of this new online game?
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2 things

drwally mentioned seeing the first spring blossums today. HOORAY! Thats the bestest happiest thing, it means spring is so nearly here, and i'm now the happiest tiggrr that ever there was!

Also - I went and joined bookcrossing, username kitling. Now i have to decide what to set free, and even trickier - where to set stuff free?

After suggestions for the best places to leave books were they will be picked up by other ppl that will read them, not trash them, or clean up..
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