August 26th, 2002


It'a all Lisa's fault

So I got bored on Saturday and decided to try playing the Sims. I now both publicly thank madi for putting up with my questions and teaching me how to, and apologise for asking her so many questions.

So I played it sat and sun - quite a wasted weekend actually - although i enjoyed it. Its kind of fun, but also a bit annoying in how slow it can be - i'm not sure how much of that is just my computer.. i'm a bit of an instant gratification girl and like stuff to happen quickly - i suppose Sim City was a slow game too - but if you found a nice balence you could happily leave it alone for awhile while it just stocked up money. This game Sims requires pretty much constant attention.

But building things is fun! and picking wall paper and furniture and telling the ppl what to do.

I'm not sure how long it will keep my attention for. But i found myself visualising madi and me around the house with a make snack, sit on couch, watch tv, use toilet, clean up sort of thing - and the green bars trying to figure out what was green and what was red - and how come Sims don't have weekends huh? It would be easier if they had weekends, i keep finding my sims tend to not have enough energy to socialise after work - which makes making friends hard...

anyway - enough boring you all

i have to leave work soon and go get my depo-provera shot - it happens every three months so i'm going to be tetchy tonite -and madi is giving up smoking - suggestion to avoid our place - it wont be fun tonite :)

i think my problem with yogurt is the flavour i like is pink - i think i have a philosophical objection to eating pink goo...
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