August 27th, 2002


take 2 - national tiggrr day celebrations

I posted this as a locked post - but to many ppl complained of not getting it - so here's the second go - and apologies to those who got it twice..

ational Tiggrr Day! The most important day of the year! and also something worth celebrating I think. Flowers and Blossums optional :)

Come help me enjoy the first day of Spring

The plan! Picnic and potential boating at Albert Park lake. Starting at around 1pm, meet us there. Bring Blankets and picnic stuff and pirate costumes and ahaha and rum! or maybe gin disguised as rum :) I've got a pirate flag!

There are BBQ's there - hopefully they wont be taken - I'll bring stuff to bbq cleaning and cooking if anyone wanted to bring BBQ'able stuff.

There are boats for hire near by - or their was last time i check - i hope there are still - and i believe they aren't overly expensive

Directions - Melways ref 2K - F5 - you turn off albert rd into lakside drive and its on the left i think - there are some bbq's there and its near the edge of the lake and near a boat hire place. Look for the pirate flag!

Rainy day plans - if its rainy call me and i'll tell you the alternate venue - which will be someones house and games rather than picnic in the park :)

Also - cos its Sunday at 6pm - off to see Pat McKernan at the Dan O Connell for those interested :)

Hope to see you there! and please RSVP


I have a new philosophy for food! Food what comes on pointy sticks is fun! and good! and yummy!

And prolly quite convient if vampires raid!

hmm.. I think i will make vegie and tempeh skewers for national tiggrr day bbq'ing. wibble will you do the bbq chef dude things for me? One of these days i'll buy you an apron

I got my depo shot and was prepared for a quiet nite at home when thorfinn called wanting entertainment. We decided to go out for dinner and when the wonderful balinese place i'd chosen, but it was closed - cos i always forget it is closed on monday nites - so we went to a japanese place i hadn't tried before. Its on the crn of sydney rd and union st in brunswick and was very yummy. Its thing was food bbq'd on pointy sticks - and they also did good miso soup and very chilli'd kimuchi and all was good

I have come recently to an appreciation of japanese food - its also one of the very few foods that leaves me with energy afterwards rather than my usual full of food fall over now.

madigrrl - lets buy ingrediants and make nori rolls! - wibble you better come and teach me again :)

I must get amber to cook okinomiyummi! for me again sometime soon. Anyway - enough food rambling - have fun!


More pointy sticks!
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