August 30th, 2002


romance and dead fish

So my tank has developed white spot - or some similar fungal infection. I have two dead fish. The redcap, a little white fish died, and this morning my biggest gold fish (and favourite) has gone to the great white toilet in the sky. pollyanna_n whats the best way to euthanaise a fish?

I hope i don't lose more. I've brought some fish medecine and now my tank is bright toxic green!
If you turn of the main lounge room light the fish tank light gives the room an erie green glow. Hehe - i may have to turn off the fishtank light before wibble and azahru
sleep on our couch tonite - unless they want strange green glowing dreams :)

Anyway - speaking of romance - see my seemless segue. This is a topic thats been on my mind for the past few days, after several conversations with madi, and watching LA Story on video. I'm not sure gratuitous enya and talking street signs are romantic.. but the movie kind of worked..

But yeah - what do ppl consider romantic?

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I hearby declared 'twitterpated' to be the word of the week!!

any seconds? or other suggestions?

yup - i'm bored at work :)

Also why to friday afternoons always take more time
then any other work afternoon?
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