September 2nd, 2002



So its the 2nd day of spring :) Its windy outside today, i leave the house and notice the wind has blown over many recycling tubs and paper and boxes are scattered along the street. But its a warm breeze, and the sun is shining and my world is a good place, despite the mess. That and I'm driving a Daihatsu Sirion so i can shoot laser beams out of my eyes at the bad and rude drivers.

Its going to take more than rudeness and rubbish to ruin my day!

I had a lovely weekend. Watching Gormanghast on Friday nite, having Canberra ppl arrive just after 1am. Snuggling with my Boy, making eggs and schrooms for breakfast. Saturday was shopping for food and a visit to Dan Murphys, listening to loud punk music, and some fun.

Went to the Dan O'Connell for poetry and pretty much all my poetry friends turned up to read on request :) So got to show off how talented all my friends are, and Liz got to read too and impress everyone else :) Time for parties, but food was deemed wanted - and Boy wanted to try my Japanese food on pointy sticks, so after some splendiforous yummy food, much food energy was obtained and frocking in shiny dresses and off to party.

For those that are interested - Oki - crn of Union St and Sydney Rd, Brunswick is the yummy food on pointy sticks place :)

The party was much fun, I soon got my pirate flag and got to demand women and alchol, chat to lots of ppl and generally be very bouncy.


Happy National Tiggrr Day Everyone!

Pirates and Pirate Flags and Food On Pointy Sticks! And Burnt Sausages :)

It was a fantastic Day, I got up and put on offensively bouncy music (Andrew loaned my Josie and The Pussycats Soundtrack) And ran outside in my pyjamas to bounce in the sun, while my Boy looked on all happy cos i was so bouncy and happy.
We stabbed innocent vegetables for awhile until we had a huge pile and then frocked and headed to Albert Park. The Sun was wonderful, the baby swans cute, the ducks uncatchable, the food yummy, and Mikey and Jai burned the sausages perfectly! And all the food on pointy sticks got eaten :)

We tied hostages to a tree and demanded ransom, and we went to steal a boat but couldn't figure out were to attach the plank and pirate flag! No-one got soggy :)

Thanks to everyone who showed up and joined in my special day, you all rock and it was muchly fun!

Special thanks to my boy for coming all the way from Canberra, also Liz and Mikey for driving him :) and playing too :)

The Canberrans left around 6ish, and then I went and watched some tv for awhile - i was up to the episode in season five where *spoiler alert*, umm really sad stuff happens in the sumers family. So it made me a little mopey. But Christina wrote a brillant poem about celluloid mood enhancers and depressants and i remembered that - and so we ate biscuits and cheese and watched Dogma to make us laugh some more!
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