September 3rd, 2002


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It was windy last nite - really really windy. I had a massive craving for savoy biscuits - so i went and brought some, that are still unopened this morning. I also brought some more wool and continued knitting... Who else wanted a scarf? I think i had at least two ppl wanting a dr who one...

I also am getting bored of scarfs - and wanting to knit other things - although i can get megan to teach me how to make patterns and I'm sure it will amuse me awhile. I think i need to buy more knitting needles...

We watched simpsons last nite, and life support and a little bit of logans run... mikeys vcr keeps getting grumpy and then goes all staticy and then stops, it works fine if you just hit play again - but i'm not sure whats causing it or how to fix it - and my guess is getting it serviced would cost more than its worth... And madi's shiny newer vcr won't talk to the tv we have...

I rang boy to say goodnite - and he was at friends house so basically went 'call you back, busy now' and there was ppl calling out stuff in the background, and i got all flustered and failed to articulate the fact i just wants a minute to say good bye... And then i got all grumpy... Not sure if grumpy at me or him.. but most likely it was grumpy at the wind.

The wind was blowing and howling and making huge booming noises - we talked about the house being blown to canberra and or new york and it wasn't that funny.... Boy called back but i was half asleep, and prolly not very coherent. A warm body didn't like the wind and crawled into my bed for hugs. I paniced that the cats would be blown away and checked several times that they were all inside.

And this morning my car was covered in dirt, the sort you get from really dirty rain - I want to wash it - but i've got $5 in change - and the washing place requires $7 in change...

Its payday tomorrow - i worked out my bills and am broke again... Hopefully this cycle wil end soon - and I signed up for lots of overtime.

This is an all over the place post - rather like the wind. So its time to eat lunch and find some sun...
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new users and good life

Hehe! I gave away my last user code! So now you have to go ask thorfinn for them :) Rosanne has joined us - mordwen is the nick she is using.

So i have no more codes - unless i decide to renew my account which runs out soon - i've only just found the sms feature - sigh - i should read faqs more often

That and I've set a date for my midsummer party! Midsummers Eve is the 21st of December - and so's my party :)

I want to leave work early and go to the zoo! the zoo is calling me.

I'm reading Briar Rose - Terri Windling fairytale

I'm chatting to ppl online and via email with all sorts of wild plans

Its still windy, but i've sorted out most of my money problems and so life is looking much better, which equals a much less stressed and more happy tiggrr. Mikey rocks in a very nice way and Madi is fantastic to live with, now i just have to go clean my dirty car.

I haven't had any Celebrex in nearly a month - i ran out and haven't yet replaced it. For the record I'm on 4 types of medecine for arthritis - Minocycline (an antibiotic that kills bits of my immune system) Arava and Salzoprozen (both specific arthritis treatments that deal with the cause) so those 3 are preventative drugs, and Celebrex (reduces swelling and pain) and is a symtomatic drug - in that it gives relief from the symtoms.

So the fact that i've stopped taking it, and not needing it means much less pain!!! and the other 3 drugs are doing their job properly! So the recovery is really really happening - not just masked by medecine. Its true that if i stop taking any off the other three i begin to feel it.

But i'm typing - and there is mild pain in my fingers, wrists and knees, but not serious levels of nasty pain and i don't need painkillers and feel quite happy about the prospect of walking upstairs for a cup of tea! Hooray for me! and my recovering body! Believing it can and will go away really does work! Now if i can avoid stress everything will be fine!

8 more sleeps til i see my boy!
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