September 4th, 2002


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Just got legs waxed with madi and then wandered around the Pride Day celebrations at uni - whats happened to students that their was a queue for the fairyfloss and not for the free beer??

Madi got tranniebeer and I got a The future is Orange the future is queer softdrink :)

And a cute girly bounced up and said 'you're renee aren't you?' and i looked suprised - apprently she met me at a party years ago and her name was bronwyn and she was rather cute and she gave me a little rainbow bracelet. I really should wander back and try and talk to her some more.

We then wandered around the uni market a bit - and i got madi a bracelet with butterfliesm and she brought herself a butterfly ring and me a cute necklace with shiny bits and feathers!! Bounce! New necklace!! I figured out the reason i have fuck all jewelry is cos i'm always buying it for other ppl but crap at buying it for me. Pretty much everything i have has been gifts..


I have a new necklace tho! and fizzy orange stuff! and smooth legs and a rainbow bracelet and a little rainbow sticker for my car and and and...

I'm going to go upstairs and steal the speakers so i can play computer games at work :)
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some days....

So I get some help and fix my work computers - with larger hard drive in my primary work computer which is much needed space.

But the really funky bit, aside from nice helpful friends :) Is that driving home from work I see at least 3 big full arch rainbows, one was even a double rainbow!

Its the little things that make you smile that are the bestest!

I get to pick up megan soon and go do some more knitting - in the mean time, I've got a rainbow bracelet, a rainbow sticker on my car and glorious rainbows in the sky!
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