September 6th, 2002


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Woohooo!!!! Winnie the Pooh postcard! With a picture of the original toys. Piglet - despite being a very small animal is much smaller than i expected - and there was some debate with madi over which animal it was til i read the back out loud. Eor is all threadbare and patched, Tiggrr is stripy in a stripy way but somehow differently stripy to what i expected. Pooh is a rather ordinary looking teddy bear, but also an extraordinary bear! And kanga has a funny neck, but she does have a pouch. Now I'm forced to imagine what Owl and Roo look like.

But anyway! Thank you Kate!!!! for the bestest postcard ever - and hugs and bounces and hugs and wow!

I currently dont have access to - cos I'm trying to upgrade my primary work machine- and dead rat 7.3 is weird - i've somehow lost all graphical ability - text is working - but it wont startx.. xconfig probs and it wont talk to my trackball - 7.1 never had a problem talking to my trackball.

i've not been able to read email since yesterday afternoon - which is why i prolly haven't replied to stuff.

One of the guys i work with won stuff on powerball last nite :) I told him he was buying lunch - but we'll see :)

Got to speak to several friends last nite on the phone - Nat's back in the country and i get to see her sunday, and i'm drawing wendy on saturday, apparently there is a gig tonite, I spoke to my mother about computers - and how her and dad should come pick up this puter i got for them. And a long phone chat with boy that was alot more bitching about linux and talking about friends and stuff - rather than any real issues, but i wasn't in the mood to talk serious.

Madi nearly convinced me to go to club uk but not quite... watched tacky movies and knitted instead.

And Mikey called me at work this morning - but other ppl where in my office so i couldn't chat.

Its sunny outside tho - despite a rainy forecast - so things are looking up :)

Now all i need is for my linux box to fix the xconfig and recognise my mouse....
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Clothing does things to your mood - you can dress all sombre, or in flowing clothes or pretty or slobby or girly or piratey and it all affects your mood.

I'm a skirt person mostly - usually wearing long skirts - today I've got big stomping boots on, cargo pants, and a long sleeve tshirt with a tight short sleeve t-shirt over it. I'v got a rainbow bracelet around my wrist :) So I'm feeling all tough and dykey today :) its fun - i'm stomping around the labs and bouncing and walking with 'attitude'

I'll prolly go back to skirts tomorrow tho :) I need a new look - i'm bored with my wardrobe, i want new clothes in new styles, with some funky accessories and 'gasp' possibly even some colour to go with my black... Time to find some money and hit the op shops and markets i think...

I found several items of clothing boy left in my bedroom, i suspect he is subtly trying to move to melb a few items at a time :)
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    linux stilll not working properly :(