September 11th, 2002


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So i was watching movies with madigrrl last nite and came up with an insightful and relevant post in my head, but as is so often the case, this morning i can't remember it.

Conversation with madigrrl - how many words can you come up with that mean 'love'? we could produce many more words that were synonyms for 'hate' and that was depressing.

But then you can get esoteric about what 'love' can mean.... and thats a lot more fun. Try it - its an interesting exercise for the mind. tell me how it works for you.

Coming to canberra today *bounce*

Going out for thai friday nite - anyone interested in joining us?? It's me, boy, cam and mikey confirmed. Is canberra the sort of place were you have to make a reservation to go to a restaurant friday nite?

Leave work sometime this afternoon - and rock up on wibble doorstep rather late. Bringing my friend Cam with me and he is happy to run around and explore canberra with me in the day time while ppl are at work.
I also hope to catch up with pollyanna_n if i can while in canberra.

What else is fun to do in canberra? and if you want to catch up with me - either email/ comment before 2ish today, or call my mobile phone.

I've packed my sketch pad and digital camera and wish to draw interesting things :)

I'm worried about going to canberra this time. I'm worried about madi after coming home to an injured one last time i left. People in Melb - please look after madigrrl for me.

I'm also nervous about seeing Boy, I'm having second thoughts about this whole thing, and not enjoying them, i'm hoping they'll go away as soon as i see him and can hug him, but only time will tell. There is also the reality that after this visit - i'm likely not to see him for approx 2 months :(

that and my kittens hate me for leaving them alone

I'm pretty bored at work, and expect on my current timetable to arrive in canberra sometime between 10pm and 12pm.

I've got to finish knitting current project (gift for aveline) and cos lirionhasn't brought me any new wool to make her a scarf yet, and i haven't got a pattern to make legwarmers for qamar yet, I'm thinking i will make a baby scarf for my teddy bear... hmmm, need to ask bunnikins how before i leave.

leaving in approx 3 hours! *bounce* No more sleeps! have fun all!
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Is it okay to sometimes say - I don't want to give a fuck about anything or anyone else but me, i just want to stick my head in the sand and ignore all the unpleasant things and all the fears and concerns and worries and just have a good time and fuck everything else???

is it? is it okay to be selfish sometimes??

if yes - how does one manage it?
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