September 20th, 2002


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I have come to the conclusion that

1. A wide range of knitting supplies are hard to get

2. Even not planning anything makes for a busy weekend.

I need to have a conversation with megan that isn't about knitting - it has come to my attention that every conversation me and megan have had for the past x number of weeks has been about knitting. Now I may be getting a little obsessed - but megan is kind of excited by knitting as well - so its not all bored. The rest of you are jut rolling your eyes and going - not another bloody LJ post about knitting...

Anyway - we made a half arsed attempt to disguise the conversation by pretending to talk about boys and metaphors - but not enough metaphorazine in the mix - and too much enthusiasm for knitting.

Now pet grip - all the free patterns i cn find on the web are in American - so i need some australian transaltion - stuff like needle size and bloody inchs rather than metric - i'm a metric girl at heart.

Also - knitting shops - so I've discovered Lincraft and Spotlight have knitting sections - but they are kind of smallish and limited on selection. I needed size 7 needles today and the largest in what i wanted was 5.5 :( And the colours range is also limited as is the wool types - lirion wanted real wool - and that elizabeth zimmerman (ask megan :) lady keeps going on about how knitting with pure wool is better. So we find a ball of really nice fuzzy grey wool - 45% acrylic 45% wool and %10 mohair - mmmm yummy fuzzy feeling nice wool. For about $3 - and then georgie finds a nice ball of red 100% wool which is both smaller and as far as i can tell feels the same as the acrylic and costs $6. And the 5.5mm double ended needles were $7 were as the 5m and smaller were all around $3 - I want to know why an extra .5mm is so much more expensive. Shrug - i think i want a big shop dedicated to knitting with all the balls of wool - and many many needle sizes and types - and many many patterns :) That would be fun!

So who's bored yet?

On the other hand - I didn't really make many plans for tonite. But Christina asked me to the zoo, Nat to a gig and a few other things - I think i'll watch tacky vids with Andrew tho :) More knitting lessons and 47 parties to choose from tomorrow nite.. what makes tomorrow nite so popular as a party date? huh? I demand to know!

And Sunday - well its Madi's 14th b'day so I'm sure something interesting and fun will happen!

That and i have to go fish shopping at the coburg aquarium! Weeee! its a hard life :)

hope everyone else has some fun too!

I think more grand adventures need to be posted to lj

Not just purple stockings and funky new knitted hat patterns!
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