September 24th, 2002


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Not Another Teen Movie - was really really trashy! funny but, and had the best cameo ever!

You've know ppl for years, you consider them good friends - but you keep learning new stuff thats suprising and unexpected and kind of cool.

I think I made a new friend saturday nite....

Watching the way groups move and mutate and change is good - yoiu've got the fringe charaters and the main ones and that changes and merges and is all over the place as ppl leave and ppl change and new alliances are formed and well.. Its all strange and good and fun to watch.

I made a cake - first time i'd made a cake since gore street days i think - and it was good - a little squishy in the middle- but thats my fault for going shopping and leaving madi to take it out the oven

Played games - finally satisfied a craving for mexican i'd been having for weeks and weeks. Cooked with thorfy. Nat won cataan. There was some parties. Madi demanded hugs and I've got a 9th level assasin in diablo II

My life is still on autopilot and thats starting to really shit me.... i can only keep occupied with frivilous shit for so long.... Counting down til november...

Boy may come and visit this weekend - but he's not sure - it looks like camarilla committments will get in the way :(

My arthritis is starting to get nasty again - past few days - i hope its temporary.... cos that would indeed suck if it came back nasty. And i think the side effect listed on one of my meds 'increased sun sensitiviy' is starting to kick in... which also sucks - cos i like my sun - and tingling itchy skin is no fun

anyway - have fun all
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