September 25th, 2002


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Ouchie stories

So it was windy at lunch time and a piece of grit or something blew into my eye and it hurt and so i went back to work and tried washing it out with the saline eye stuff from the first aid kit and that didn't work and i tried crying it out - and it all sucked - the pain got really annoying and yuck so i went to the doctor and they put this yellow dye in and looked at my eye under a purple uv light - it was funny :)

the ouchie is gone now - but my eye is all still sore and irritated and weepy. so its a fuzzy computer screen i'm looking at.

Julian was coming to visit - he's late again - gosh look - what a suprise :) In other interesting factoids - 2 and half season of buffy on video make for a heavy bag.

But at least one of my wishs for the weekend came true :)

And I'm going to the circus on saturday! bounce! free circus tickets and nice friends! its astons circus and its in burnley oval - and i haven't seen a real circus since i was a kid. And i'm told its now against the rules to have exotic animals in circus' in melb - so its only got ponies - no tiggrrs or hefalumps - but i bet it will have trapeze :)

and fairy floss!