September 26th, 2002


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My computer screen is still all blurry
Text hurts to concentrate on..

So if i don't answer your email please dont be offended - my eye is still playing up...

I think i'll waste works time by playing computer games - they are easier to focus on..

Why not I says

So who is going to Club UK tonite?? roll call??

I've only really been once - but madi is having fun and i think i'd like to go tonite.

In other news - the heating/air con in lab5 (computer lab my office is off) is on the blink again. And it got about three times as many students in it as it should - not sure why - isn't it meant to be term break? dont these ppl have lives? So as you can imagine - over crowded room with 40 computers and not working air con gets a little wiffy. I'm not telling students of for having drinks in the labs today. Luckily I've got a little window in my office so can get some fresh air - wouldn't be here other wise I can tell you.

Boy's coming to visit this weekend! Hooray! So its pick boy up from bus station, have some fun, go to circus and yummy thai bday dinner and get to have my boy all weekend! This rocks. It makes me happy and feeling much better.

I've got another post on stress - but that can wait til later

for now - drwally silly quiz
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Serious post

Hmm..i've had this idea wandering around in the back of my brain for some time - this post is an attempt to sort of write things down and get things into perspective.

So its more for me - but feel free to read it or not

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