September 30th, 2002


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Why do the pictures on knitting patterns always look like something out of a 70's magazine - even the new ones?

I've been very productive today - okay - so i've been finding funky free knitting patterns on the web and printing them off - but thats productive right?

And after work i'm going to a friends place - a guy i work with - his mother died last year and he has in her stuff a large bag of knitting stuff he is willing to let me go through and see what i want :) Yeah! for more knitting stuff.

In non knitting news - my boy visited Melbourne this weekend. It was good - picked him up off the bus 8am saturday morning - attemped to get some sleep, which let me play some Never Winter Nights :) Went to a very funky circus - Ashtons circus - hooray for Jess the getter and giver of free tickets. Thai dinner at Sukho Thai - my favourite thai place in melb - the food more than makes up for the service :) happy bday lirion - the hat is nearly finished!

Sunday was lazy blobby day - brunch at Cere's cafe with boy and Carla - mmmm yummy cheap hippy food! and a quick trip to the Coburg Aquarium to show Boy and Carla how funky it really is. I made orange poppy seed cake - we played Diablo II at each other - oohh how romantic - yummy noodly goodness and off to the bus station to send my boy home from far to short a visit.

so thats a rather quick summary - maybe boy will post the details this time :)

Have i mentioned how much i really hate bus stations - on a better note leaving the station i found a copy of the second lord of the rings book - and gave it to madi to bookcrosssing it and set free - which made her smile :)

Yummy Japanese feast with Amber on the friday nite

If all goes to plan i'll see my boy in 10 more sleeps!

Julian are you interested in flying to canberra with me the afternoon of Thursday 10th of October?

have fun all!