October 2nd, 2002



Woohoo for technology!

I've paid all my bills - even whats owing at slow glass with a phone call to rabbit. I need to buy sunglasses now - and lunch and things with frogs in :)

I just brought a plane ticket! okay so i brought one that boy will pay me back for :)

Thursday, 10 Oct 02 Flight DJ715 Depart Melbourne at 15:35 and arrive in Canberra at 16:30

and back to Melb
Tuesday, 15 Oct 02 Flight DJ710 Depart Canberra at 09:55 and arrive in Melbourne at 10:55

Anyone want to volunteer to drive me to the airport Thursday afternoon? bueller? will be recipient of undying love or GIN! or something.

So i get to see my boy in 8 more sleeps!

So i get to visit all you wonderful canberra ppl then - anything interesting happening? anyone want to catch up? comment please :) I've decided not to plan anything this time and just see what happens :)

Do you think i'll get on trouble if i try to take knitting needles on the airplane?

Now if i can just make the bloody HR kiosk webthing work i can submit my leave. That would be nice.

Time to go have lunch with madigrrl!

One percent

Its over - its done - I've collected the whole set

It's not the first time i've collected a whole series of comics - I've done it twice or so before... but i stopped collecting comics regularly awhile ago and only kept picking up this title

and now i've sat down and read the final 4...




I don't need anymore tho... this is enough. No spin offs please
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