October 8th, 2002


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2 more sleeps!

going to canberra :) going to have fun.

In fact things have been pretty good recently. Finished lirion's hat and started several other knitting projects. I have all the knitting needles in the universe now thanks to bruce (guy i work with) and my mother.

parents came to visit saturday morning. Mum brought me some of her old knitting stuff, I showed my father how to indulge in CD piracy - ie gave them their new computer along with lessons in how to use it. My kid sister lee and her boyfriend tony came over - lee was very loud and demanding - she gets overexcited and tries to show off in front of parents and its really akward and annoying to be around.
We went to lygon st for lunch - madi umm'd and ahh'd and wisely decided not to come along. it wasn't that painful and the food is yummy and free - do you get to that point of not thinking like a student and going hey yum free food!??

Then i got to go home and watch dinotopia - which rocked :) and knit while madi tried to conquer the world and spent far to much time bitching at the computer (CIV III)

Sunday i decided going to the zoo was a good idea. Madi wrote a much better review of the zoo here

In summary - ended up going to werribee zoo and saw rhinos and giraffes and cheetars and snakes and emus and antelopes and much funkiness and much less crowded then melb zoo. I never seem to get bored of going to the zoo.

Decided to visit rick and sara given we were in the area - excellent food, excellent company - have determined i prefer the game cube controllers to the big complex xbox ones (sorry mikey)

And now its just 2 more sleeps til i see my boy - and he's back on goofey rather than up in brisbane somewhere - so i can talk to him online in the day time.

apparently i get to go to a picnic at floriade - and hopefully to dinner on friday with ppl and umm..call me or email me if you want to catch up cos i'm doing a good job of not arranging anything - just to see what happens :)

having fun!
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