October 10th, 2002



less than an hour til i leave work
slightly over 3 til i see my boy!

computer games only ever held appeal when i was a student with assignments i should have been doing due. Many hours playing civ and dune 2000 - but not for that long

I'm playing diablo currently with an enthusiasm i haven't played computer games in a long long while... hmmm..wonder what i'm procrastinating over...

the evil credit card interest monster ate all my money - now i'm grumpy cos i specially put that money aside where i could use it and actually have spending money on a canberra trip - okay - so lose a few points there

but i dont care - cos i've got enough money to buy food - and spend lots of time with boy - not doing frantic busy touristing things - but just relaxing and enjoying the company... gosh a relaxing holiday - who would have thunk it :)

Okay - so this post killed 10 mins

36 mins til i leave work :)
plane at 3.30/ canberra at 4.30