October 15th, 2002


cogito ergo sum solo

So canberra! gosh was there for 4 days and 6 nites - and prolly the blobbiest trip i've had yet - spent much time by myself or simply hanging around with boy - playing far too many computer games, reading, hugging and being togetehr . it was quiet - it was nice - i'm still not sure i can live with this one but am willing to try.

So D&D 3rd Ed - I'm willing to try, i want to play, i've never played a real D&D campaign before - but will try anything once - Madi is volunteering to GM - we just need players - so anyone out there want to play? Barrington, Thag, Gadge etc etc I'm looking at you.

its sometimes hard to tell were reality ends and fantasy begins. I'm back in melbourne, i'm at work, i'm bored (yup definately at work) and kind of in a floating place - i'm starting to miss my boy already - and I only said goodbye a few hours ago. Canberra seems like a dream, but so does this - so when do i wake up?

It was great to get home and see my kittens and hug madi and be back in melbourne, i think i maybe was a little to excited by getting on the airplane when i should of been more sad at leaving boy - but hey - i prefer the happy rather than sad thoughts.

I flipped through the saturday paper in canberra - i need ppl to look for jobs in it for me. This moving thing keeps seeming to be more of a reality

Benno wants an answer on whether or not I want to go to Womad - its a world music festival in adelaide... I'm not sure - i'm still freaked out and a little excited about going to earthcore and that happens sooner.

Does anyone know anything about a paper company - Evolve Office
www.evolve-papers.com? they make a 100% recycled paper that seems to be cheaper than Reflex's Renew - so we are thinking of changing brands at work. are they evil or good?

I'm working late tonite - to 9pm - and am doing do every tuesday and thursday for the next three weeks - its end of semester time here.
Ppl are encouraged to come visit me at work in the evenings becuase late shift can be very very dull.

anyway - thats a long enough post - canberra details coming later i think.