October 18th, 2002


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what an eventful week.

weird and strange news suprising me and disturbing my comfortable rut - who knows what happens next - given its a uni - prolly nothing - but you never know.

Nan still sick - my younger sisters driving my mother crazy. My mother not coping so wel with nan lying in hospital with tubes in her and having given up. Surgery happening to nan next week sometime. I've had so many false alarms and nan dying has been something thats going to happen for ages - so most visits have been an element of sayng oodbye not knowing if i'll see her again.

but i'm going home this weekend anyway - as much to offer my mother support as anything.

3 tech support calls from my father today - turns out the new floppy drive in new computer is fuxored - pull the old one out of the old machine and put it in the new one I say without thinking - another phone call later - 'no, thats the power supply'. I get another call - he's successfully done it and wandering around the house being very proud of himself 'I'm not stupid, I can fix computers I can!'

Lirion is coming along for the drive. We'll stop and get some yummy cordial in Harcourt. Drive down Saturday afternoon - get mum to drive us into hospital and visit nan. Hopefully find time to chat with mum and poke dad's new computer and see how happy it is.

Come back sunday morning and go to nat and andrews handfasting party thing. Gosh - so busy

I should leave work now, go shopping and go dye the hair of two rather cute girls :) its an interesting life atm.
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