October 23rd, 2002


Good News Day!

On the radio this morning Triple J declared it good news day - cos lots of the news has been all bad and depressing they wanted to cheer ppl up and were getting ppl to call up and share their good news and reason to be happy and celebrate and stuff.

Despite having this horrid head cold - listening to other ppl's good news made me happy.

So I figure its time to declare good news day on Live Jounral - post your good news, reasons to be happy, reasons to celebrate life! Go on - I dare you!

My good news

I've just come out of a meeting - the upshot of which means as of next monday i'm now a sysadmin with an approx $10k payrise. This means more money and less being bored at work - and the challenge of a steep learning curve. *bounce*

I'm somewhere between excited and what the fuck did i just agree too - but its more money!

and thats my goood news - okay your turn now!

and 16 sleeps til i see my boy!