November 1st, 2002



So it was halloween last nite - and since the day light savings change i've been wanting to go for a walk in the wonderful nite.

Wandered along moreland rd near merri creek Could here fiddle music - intrigued - set out to find were it was coming from... Discovered a jack-o-latern in front of a house and evidence of eggs been thrown... So why do you think halloween (you know the popular sort with trick and treating and costumes and stuff) has never taken of in australia - given how popular it is the in the US?

I tend to dislike many 'hallmark' holidays - but i kind of like the idea of a celebration that involves getting candy :)

The sky was this amazing purply orange colour - light from the city partially - but very nice to look at.

Eventually traced the source of the music to CERES, wandered in and discoved a fiddle quartet! With a couple of other muso's playing with them. And they were really really good. And loud, and it was cold out - but the music was great, stuff from traditional folk music to jazz to an amazing tango. Brought their CD's :) They are a Sydney group called Fiddlers Festival.

I like expoitions in which you make unexpected discoveries and I'd call a fiddle band along merri creek quite late on thursday night a really really cool unexpected suprise!

Also saw a falling star

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