November 6th, 2002


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2 more sleeps! I can't wait - not sure how long it is since i saw my boy - but however long it is - its too long.

I spent today in a meeting at the zoo - it was a deptartmental planning meeting. It started with a HR touchy feely thing that was actually quite entertaining. It sorted ppl into order dependant on how long they had been in the dept. The guy that had been there the longest had been there since 1959 - I had been then the shortest 1 and a half weeks :) But it gathered ppl into groups and then produced a history of the dept - and ppl know how i like histories :)

The second half covered we have these points and want suggestions - it was interesting and educational - and aside from that - there was lots of food and it was yummy! And the zoo is pretty - the convention centre had little bird enclosures around it which was very peaceful. I even got to have a couple of productive discussions with ppl and it was the first time i really got to meet anyone in the dept so that was also good.

I was pretty depressed tuesday nite and feeling useless after so pretty ugly tech problems.

I'm feeling better today thenh i did yesterday - lets see how long that lasts - my guess is til the next time something breaks - but anyway.

Madi's cup of instant soup smells funny and permeates the house.

It's two more sleeps - i'm tempted to go to sleep now so he gets here quicker.

My face is swollen - its been swollen since monday morning - its only really sore when i touch it or try to sleep - but i'm going to the dentist thursday afternoon. I hate dental work - its to expensive. I blame julian :)


2 more sleeps!