November 11th, 2002


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Went to the beach! Big waves go sploosh! and crash and wet suit go floaty and feet fall out from under you and current drags you around! Sploosh! Have I mentioned how much i like surf beachs. It was bloody cold! but wet suits are warm - Nat wore my smaller wetsuit, but boy was very brave (or silly) and just wore shorts and t-shirt - it was wonderful. Sean was sensible and didn't get soggy. We ate wonderful picnics with homemade bread and muffins and gingerbread and salad and fruit - Sean is officially the bestest picnic maker ever!

We went to Queenscliff for coffee and found steam trains and narrow guage railway and all sorts of amzing steam engines and a friendly engineer that invited us in to look around in the big sheds and saw the biggest steam train engine i think i ever saw - it was amazing - 150 tonnes for the engine! I thought of you Kate.

Surf beachs, amazing architecture, steam trains, delicious picnics all in all a close to perfect outing! I even got some sunburn

Today its off to the dentist, then to SwanHill and a funeral tomorrow morning!

But yesterday I had beach discovery adventure fun time!
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