November 28th, 2002


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Query? Is Canberra under water restrictions currently like most of the rest of the country?

Listening to Triple J this morning they are going on about how all the grass on capitol hill (parliment house) is all green and lush and pretty and lush and oh did i mention lush one more time. And whether or not that was a good thing using all that water to make grass look pretty in the middle of a drought.

I don't really have an opinion on this issue, but one person suggested letting some of those staving sheep (which i have seen many off and boy is it depressing looking) graze on the grassy hill above parliment house.

I found something really fitting and right about this image. Its a good image, I know its not practical and i know the grass is prolly custom made and unsuitable and all, but there is something rather symbolic about the concept of sheep grazing on the lawn around parliment house, whole new meaning to riding on the sheeps back :)

I'm now struck with this amazing urge to arrange it somehow... I don't know - call it performance art or something.

1 more sleep to Earthcore!
4 more days til i see my boy (uncertain how much if any sleep I'll get at earthcore :)

So I'll be in Canberra next week if anyone wants to catch up, do funky stuff, help me find sheep etc etc