December 10th, 2002


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So I'm reading job ads in canberra and have decided the public service has too many acronyms which they seem to assume everyone already knows what they mean.

So I get HEW levels, but APS and ITO and assorted other silliness

Anyway - LJ catch up time - too many posts when one doesn't read for a week. Week off was nice - not doing anything just resting and sleeping and not worrying about whats going to break next.

Although Boy's seem to be getting grumpier and grumpier everytime its time to go back to separate cities - and thats not fun. I'm the worlds dreadfullest parent for neglecting my kittens so much. The time is getting closer when this different cities thing is just goingto get completely unworkable... grumble

Funny things - watching delwyn
Andrew eat a baby box of Frosties (from my uber box of baby breaky cereals) at Earthcore and going 'shit this is sweet' :)

Laser patterned smoke on the tops of volcano's

All music sounding like it has a doof beat over the top of it for most of last week.

Giant bob sled ride - going 'woosh!' down hill very fast in Corin Forest outside of Canberra.

Going ooh and aah and gosh and building lego with space suit gloves on in the Deep Space Tracking Centre at Tidbinbulla

Spending much overdue time with avelines

Going to a 'normal' wedding - with standard service thingy and traditional vowels and this weird vibe that felt likethey had a list of everything that should be in a traditional wedding and were going to go down the list and tick things off in order, regardless of mood or timing.

They did have a cello player tho and a cello and a double bass, plus free gin and tonics and the food wasn't too bad, either was the company. So it had good points. I wore silly girly shoes with heels and didn't complain to much :)

madi is wavering on this move to canberra thing - i can tell :)

boy is also wavering on this move to melbourne thing :)

I'm just a little grumpy and over this year and waiting for the next year to start now.

I've got two job applications to write

Info Tech Officer and Help Desk Specialist if anyone feels like looking and being opinated - or translating jargon

I miss my boy, but i think he is missing me more. Its only 11 more sleeps anyway - and then more cat neglecting to happen.

I think I need to do something for Friday 13th - anyone noticed this year has had more than its fair share of friday the 13ths?

And I'll be in canberra for the week over xmas.

So everyone at my midsummer party! If not before
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