December 18th, 2002


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I've got a shiny black 'fake i think' leather folder from DELL, and a pretty black box. I think this implies I'm supposed to encorage the dept to buy more dell products.

Plans for the next few weeks :)

Friday 20th Dec - Boy and Aveline arrives
21st Dec - Midsummer Party!!!
22nd Dec - Roies picnic (midsummer recovery party) and then drive to Canberra.
25th - Mikey and Aveline having partys - hope to cook yummy stuff in mikeys kitchen.
26th - hopefully go to sydney for craigs party
Friday nite 27th or Sat morning - drive to Melbourne with boy
29th - fly to Launceston in Tassie
30th and Tuesday 31st - scary meeting boys family stuff and who the fuck gets married on new years eve :) But there is a beach house :)
1st - 3rd - hopefully explore some of Tassiea
Friday nite (3rd) fly back to melbourne)
4 and 5th - recover from holidays before work starts again

How much do you think my cat's will hate me for abandoning them? :)

The dvd's I ordered from ezydvd to be posted next day delievery by courier on Friday still haven't arrived.

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A package containing $150 worth of dvd's was delivered to my work this morning - someone signed for it and put it in my pigeon hole.

Its not in my pigeon hole.

guess who is angry!
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