December 20th, 2002



lirion and me went shopping yesterday and lirion brought a wading pool. Its one of those with a metal frame and big plastic bit, so no inflation needed.

Construction was amusing, apparently we needed to grease the joints with vaseline to prevent rust. The closest we could find to vaseline was water based lubricant so that was given up as a bad joke. Instead of grass or sand we placed an old blanket between the pool and the concrete. its got a baby ladder and a little red ledge for resting drinks on.

One phone call to the water restrictions hotline to find out if it was okay to fill the pool (under 500 litres is acceptable and we empty it with backets onto the garden :). One suggestion to fill it full of beer and ice and another suggestion to find many plastic balls. Two trips to nat's later, one to pick up the hose and two to pick up the bit that connects the hose to the tap we managed to get water running into the pool.

Now we just need bunnikins to make little origami boats to float tea lights :)

So if you are coming to the party feel free to come up with interesting suggestions for putting in the pool including yourself :)

Non inflatable wading pools are far superior to the inflatable sort i believe.

Welcome fatbum to lj, I'd consider adding my children, but then you'd all be subjected to the next two weeks of bitching what a horrible mother I am for leaving my children with the cruel and barbaric madi and cat-sitter to the stars lirion.

My package of dvd's still hasn't appeared and I think its give it up for lost and consider cursing this department.

But i have a job interview on monday - what the fuck will i wear :)

No more sleeps til my boy arrives!

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I'm off work for 2 weeks now, so don't know how often i'll be checking LJ.

See some of you on Saturday! Hugs and Happy Midsummer and all the best for the silly season to you all.

have fun