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It is a lovely Autumn

Well, I guess I should saw it was a lovely Autumn - given its June today and winter has arrived. Today we get dirt delivered to build our garden beds - there has to be something symbolic in there.

I used to hate the winter, really hate it, get seasonally depressed and it all sucked. These days I have a new philosophy with which to convince myself that winter isn't evil. I work on the theory there is no wrong kind of weather - just the wrong kind of clothes. Megan - having spent the winter in Berlin assures me that this isn't actually true. But I choose to stick with my theory.

But we live in Australia and it doesn't get that cold and I have the income to be able to afford good clothes, proper thermals and ducted heating, not being as skinny as I used to be also helps here a little. I no longer feel the need to spend winter in hibernation counting the days down to summer. Now I have learned to appreciate the beauty in the weather, I'd still rather sit inside wrapped up in doona's on the couch with a hot chocolate watching the weather through the window. But I can live with that.

Its been a cold autumn - but the wet summer followed by the lovely early autumn sunny days and cold snap in May have done something clever and sciencey to the autumn leaves which mean the colours are even more brilliant this year.

On last Friday I had a meeting at AAV at 1 Spring St in the city - here is the view from the window.


If I worked at AAV I would never get any work done, and spent all my time admiring the view and watching my city in action.

Yesterday I met Megan off the tram at Bell Street - and snapped another photo of my lovely city. Here is Merri Creek in the sunny weather.


Two photos - really taken not that far from each other.

I love the reflection of the sun.
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