Hobbes (kitling) wrote,

Long weekend

So we went to Canberra for the long weekend. As per normal Canberra in winter is cold - well duh! You can no longer buy fireworks for fireworks weekend - Canberra is not the same without the smell of gunpowder and the noise of fireworks. We played a few sessions at the con - they were good, we GM'd a few sessions - they were good. The best bit was however, the catching up with friends - it was good to see everyone - roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike - even if the sheer number of young children was a bit scary.

As per usual - every time we go away the tentacle rack fell over - if i didn't know better I would assume that Rhys was sabotaging it :). The lovely Rhys cared for the kitties and assorted other creatures in the house. The kittens are still not talking to us due to our cruelty in abandoning them - or maybe they miss Rhys - but the internets are back to normal.

Anyway I'm home now - I seem to have contracted a cold - I blame the weather.

Did everyone else have a nice long weekend?
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