Hobbes (kitling) wrote,

I don't do memes.

I don't like memes, I can't even particularly articulate why, I think that often they simply seem like a lack of imagination, a type of spam and the equivalent of making noise without thought. They make me contrary and reluctant to play along.

But I also recognise a good idea when it comes along. I'm enjoying reading the three good things a day that people are posting on my LJ friends page at the moment. I think this meme does require thought and it requires sharing stories. Both of which are good things.

I'm not going to play along - because I don't do memes.

But I thought I'd post some good things to share.

-At midwinter this year, many of the wishes were good ones, and in many cases more light hearted than previous years, I hesitate to use the phrase less serious, because wishes are srs bizness, but the tone of the wishes is such that people are generally in a pretty good place, healthy, happy and looking to the future with hope. It's good to see.

-Jumble is a healthy cat! We nearly lost Jumble earlier this year, and not only has he recovered from surgery, he is like 100 times healthier than he was. We just assumed he was old and grumpy and resented the kittens, he seemed healthy compared to Skitch. It's become very apparent that this was an underlying condition that had been around for ages and ages and we never picked it up until it became critical. The moral of this story is see your vet for regular checkups- even if the animal seems healthy. Jumble is now playing the kittens, chasing leaves, being incredibly affectionate and leaping around all over the place without hesitation. I attribute some of this to the weight loss that getting sick caused - 2kg is a lot of weight for a cat to lose - but when the vet and vet nurses tell you your pet needs to loose weight, they aren't just trying to sell the expensive cat food - the weight-loss makes a real difference to the animals behaviour.

-Financial stability - I was telling Amber the other day it seems strange - here I am in more debt than I have ever been - but feeling more financially stable than ever... I don't understand that at all - but I'll appreciate the feeling.

-I'm switching to yet new meds - lets see if these drugs are the new miracle wonder drug I've been waiting for. Given how many hoops I've had to jump through to get them - lets hope they do something good. Raven - I've lost your email but want to chat to you.

-And last but definitely not least - Anniene needs a new leg brace - in order to help her rehab and allow her to walk normally. She can't afford it - because being on disability pension and not being able to afford the medical treatment you need sucks, it sucks big time. Me and Fi have offered to buy the leg brace for her - it isn't cheap - and were wondering if anyone else would like to contribute towards the cause please?

And last for your viewing pleasure - a kitten photo :)

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