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We went to the snow this weekend. I'd been for a walk up the top of Lake Mountain once - but this was real snow - which was a first.

There was hiring of snow clothes, debate over whether to try skiing or snow-boarding - hiring of snow boards and snow!

I discovered very early on that I don't have the level of physical fitness or working knees required to snow board. A knowledge of how to play SSX Tricky just doesn't cut it. So I decided snow sculpture was more my thing :)

We built an awesome baby snow dragon.


Here are two pictures of the sleeping snow dragon mother



Okay - the second picture might also be the view from Mt Hotham :)

Here is a picture of Emily next to the baby snow dragon to provide scale.


I totally get Christmas in July now. The layers of snow on the building and layered on the trees, the icicles hanging from the roof tops. The hot chocolate by the fire.

I got a little intimidated by the crowds at Mt Hotham - there were heaps of people all with the serious skiing and snowboarding. It was fun to watch, but not being able to ski myself - well - there is a desire for my arthritis to go away and my level of fitness to get better so I can try again.

The second day we went to Dinner Plain instead. Dinner Plain only has one ski lift and one gentle learners slope. There is a place for tobogganing, there are huskies pulling sleds, cross country skiing and all together a gentler, quieter, more peaceful and more relaxed vibe.

We tried tobogganing - which seems to be much more my style than snow boarding - and also the realisation of fulfilling desires from too many years of reading Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.



Bear isn't so good at smiling at the camera - but we will go back again I think.
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