Hobbes (kitling) wrote,

Yay - LJ seems to be back!

In exciting news - I booked plane tickets to Brissy!

In more domestic news - we ordered some food from http://www.aussiefarmers.com.au/
Its a service that delivers locally sourced fresh produce - so fruit, veg, dairy, meat, bread.

Shall have to see how it works - but I'm interested in giving it a try. It's cheaper than some of the organic equivalent services - but you get more say in what you actually get. You can order a random mixed seasonal box - but you can also specify you don't want certain ingredients - or just order individual items that you do want. There are organic options for a higher price tag. All the meat is free range and hormone free. All the food is locally sourced = so you have the food miles thing.

I'm curious to know if anyone has any experience with this mob in particular - feedback please?

Or if you've used a similar service and would like to share your experience.

I posted this on FB yesterday because LJ was down - but you can't have a good conversation on FB.

In work related news - I now have a deadline to finish all my current projects before I go to Brissy - so I should stop procrastinating with social media :)
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