Hobbes (kitling) wrote,

Biking friends - I need advice

So I've decided I need a different bicycle. My bike nerd friends - please advice me.

I brought a new bike about four years ago now. It's a Schwinn Voyager comfort bike. This means its a girly bike with no cross bar, very few gears, a heavy frame and very comfortable seat and its really a ride sitting upright kind of bike. This bike is not built for speed

This was exactly what I wanted at the time. Something that was easy to ride and comfortable and good for pottering around to the shops and back. I do prefer the comfy seat and sitting upright feels a lot more comfortable to me. Also I was never riding more than about 3kms at a time and didn't care about speed.

These days I'm riding my bicycle 15km home from work. I still ride the train in the morning, but I'd like to start skipping the train stage entirely. I've got a goal to ride the 100km stretch of the Round the Bay ride next year.

My riding has changed and my old bike is really not so well suited anymore. I want something with a much lighter frame, more gears so I can handle hills properly and something I can go faster on.

I was riding Fi's bike the other weekend - and have now realised how much faster you can go on a lighter bike with proper gearing. I was able to go both faster and uphills my bike wouldn't manage on Fi's bike.

I think I'm looking for a road bike, or a hybrid, but I'm not really sure.

Please advise me and share your stories and tips on finding the right bike and bike shopping.

I also probably want to sell/trade in my old bike.
That or teach Emily how to ride :)
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