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[17 Aug 2011|08:49am]
So at the end of kate's street there is a bottleshop that sells booze, nice cheese and ice cream, this is a genius idea and the world needs more of them, especially near my house!
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[12 Aug 2011|02:00pm]

Look at these pictures - I can't even figure out how this happened

Special kind of parking accident
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[04 Aug 2011|09:24am]
I've just blocked anonymous comments on my LJ. I don't like to block people from commenting - but most of the anonymous comments are spam and everyone else can just get an account :)
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[03 Aug 2011|11:18am]
"It's taken 33 years, but Khe Sanh is a hit at last.

Cold Chisel's debut single has been voted the eighth-best Australian song ever (by APRA in 2001), adopted by the Australian cricket team as an unofficial national anthem, and sung at more bucks' nights than history can or should record, but it has never made the top 40 chart. Until now."


Country girl pride!

I'm kind of curious about which song has the title of best Australian song ever - but also kind of scared to google.
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Big brave hunter Magellan! [31 Jul 2011|09:19am]
My clever big brave hunting Magellan brought home his first mouse last night.

Said mouse was still attached to the mouse trap!

Clever kitty!

Magellan really is a clever hunter. The last rat he caught was defrosting in a bucket in the laundry sink as snake food...
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[27 Jul 2011|04:09pm]
We came home from our weekend in the snow to see that the view from our back yard had turned from bare branches to this!


I post this picture to let everyone know that Spring is coming soon!
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[27 Jul 2011|10:59am]
Yay - LJ seems to be back!

In exciting news - I booked plane tickets to Brissy!

In more domestic news - we ordered some food from http://www.aussiefarmers.com.au/
Its a service that delivers locally sourced fresh produce - so fruit, veg, dairy, meat, bread.

Shall have to see how it works - but I'm interested in giving it a try. It's cheaper than some of the organic equivalent services - but you get more say in what you actually get. You can order a random mixed seasonal box - but you can also specify you don't want certain ingredients - or just order individual items that you do want. There are organic options for a higher price tag. All the meat is free range and hormone free. All the food is locally sourced = so you have the food miles thing.

I'm curious to know if anyone has any experience with this mob in particular - feedback please?

Or if you've used a similar service and would like to share your experience.

I posted this on FB yesterday because LJ was down - but you can't have a good conversation on FB.

In work related news - I now have a deadline to finish all my current projects before I go to Brissy - so I should stop procrastinating with social media :)
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[25 Jul 2011|10:58am]
I wish Corsair had the brains not to taunt the snake.

Today I am grateful for awesome friends who will help me wrangle three cats to the vet at the same time.

Corsair had something weird going on with her third eyelid. The vet we saw was not our usual vet and she didn't have much useful to say, other than keep an eye on it. Now all three cats are doing the weird thing with the third eyelid and my regular vet is no longer on holiday - so all three cats get to go to the vet this afternoon.
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Photo Blogging [19 Jul 2011|01:28pm]

We went to the snow this weekend. I'd been for a walk up the top of Lake Mountain once - but this was real snow - which was a first.

There was hiring of snow clothes, debate over whether to try skiing or snow-boarding - hiring of snow boards and snow!

I discovered very early on that I don't have the level of physical fitness or working knees required to snow board. A knowledge of how to play SSX Tricky just doesn't cut it. So I decided snow sculpture was more my thing :)

We built an awesome baby snow dragon.


Here are two pictures of the sleeping snow dragon mother



Okay - the second picture might also be the view from Mt Hotham :)

Here is a picture of Emily next to the baby snow dragon to provide scale.


I totally get Christmas in July now. The layers of snow on the building and layered on the trees, the icicles hanging from the roof tops. The hot chocolate by the fire.

I got a little intimidated by the crowds at Mt Hotham - there were heaps of people all with the serious skiing and snowboarding. It was fun to watch, but not being able to ski myself - well - there is a desire for my arthritis to go away and my level of fitness to get better so I can try again.

The second day we went to Dinner Plain instead. Dinner Plain only has one ski lift and one gentle learners slope. There is a place for tobogganing, there are huskies pulling sleds, cross country skiing and all together a gentler, quieter, more peaceful and more relaxed vibe.

We tried tobogganing - which seems to be much more my style than snow boarding - and also the realisation of fulfilling desires from too many years of reading Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.



Bear isn't so good at smiling at the camera - but we will go back again I think.
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I really need a new cat icon with the new kitties in it. [08 Jul 2011|01:20pm]
Emily has been drying seeds and chilli's on the window sill. Kittens are not allowed on bench tops and know it.

We came home the other day to find the tray of seeds scattered all over the bench and the three chilli's thoroughly subdued and chewed on the floor.

Emily moves the drying tray to a harder to reach place on top of the microwave and adds new chilli's.

I've just been in the kitchen preparing Moroccan tagine for dinner in the slow cooker.

I notice the seeds scattered all over the bench and the chilli's missing...

I've placed the drying tray on top of the fridge now.

Conclusion - kitties really like chilli's.
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Happiness is - [05 Jul 2011|12:04pm]
- Some lovely new knitting needles


Seriously these are so lovely to knit with I urge everyone who knits to buy a pair.

- A new knitting project


Would you like to knit a square?

- Circus tickets - go see this season's Steampowered Circus Oz! It is a beautifully choreographed blend of art, acrobatics and chaos :)

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I don't do memes. [05 Jul 2011|11:01am]
I don't like memes, I can't even particularly articulate why, I think that often they simply seem like a lack of imagination, a type of spam and the equivalent of making noise without thought. They make me contrary and reluctant to play along.

But I also recognise a good idea when it comes along. I'm enjoying reading the three good things a day that people are posting on my LJ friends page at the moment. I think this meme does require thought and it requires sharing stories. Both of which are good things.

I'm not going to play along - because I don't do memes.

But I thought I'd post some good things to share.

-At midwinter this year, many of the wishes were good ones, and in many cases more light hearted than previous years, I hesitate to use the phrase less serious, because wishes are srs bizness, but the tone of the wishes is such that people are generally in a pretty good place, healthy, happy and looking to the future with hope. It's good to see.

-Jumble is a healthy cat! We nearly lost Jumble earlier this year, and not only has he recovered from surgery, he is like 100 times healthier than he was. We just assumed he was old and grumpy and resented the kittens, he seemed healthy compared to Skitch. It's become very apparent that this was an underlying condition that had been around for ages and ages and we never picked it up until it became critical. The moral of this story is see your vet for regular checkups- even if the animal seems healthy. Jumble is now playing the kittens, chasing leaves, being incredibly affectionate and leaping around all over the place without hesitation. I attribute some of this to the weight loss that getting sick caused - 2kg is a lot of weight for a cat to lose - but when the vet and vet nurses tell you your pet needs to loose weight, they aren't just trying to sell the expensive cat food - the weight-loss makes a real difference to the animals behaviour.

-Financial stability - I was telling Amber the other day it seems strange - here I am in more debt than I have ever been - but feeling more financially stable than ever... I don't understand that at all - but I'll appreciate the feeling.

-I'm switching to yet new meds - lets see if these drugs are the new miracle wonder drug I've been waiting for. Given how many hoops I've had to jump through to get them - lets hope they do something good. Raven - I've lost your email but want to chat to you.

-And last but definitely not least - Anniene needs a new leg brace - in order to help her rehab and allow her to walk normally. She can't afford it - because being on disability pension and not being able to afford the medical treatment you need sucks, it sucks big time. Me and Fi have offered to buy the leg brace for her - it isn't cheap - and were wondering if anyone else would like to contribute towards the cause please?

And last for your viewing pleasure - a kitten photo :)

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Advurtising [24 Jun 2011|10:40am]
So - I've just read this blog and its made of awesome!


I realise many of my friends list already know about it - but those of you who don't - check it out.

Its a collection of photographs of Melbourne - with short stories to go with them.

It's all about love of our wonderful city, art and storytelling.

Sounds right down my alley - work has been insanely hectic - so I've only just got around to checking it out. Enjoying the downtime and loving the Melbourne art.

It has been set up by a couple of friends of mine.

In other news - planning on going swimming today for a bit. Arthritis is making itself felt today - soaking will be good. Then there is baking and soup making for Midwinter.
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Outage [22 Jun 2011|12:16pm]
Vurt.net appears to be down - we don't know why. I don't particularly care, because it means work can't email me :)

But - Bear is working on the problem - hopefully it will be up soon.
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Photo Blogging [17 Jun 2011|09:45am]
One of my favourite places in Canberra is the sculpture garden at the National Gallery. It is a landscaped garden around the gallery, filled with native vegetation and designed to highlight a variety of sculpture from classical to modern.


This year they have a brand new scuplture in the garden, its called the Skyspace.


There is a man made lake in front of the gallery, a giant mound covered in native grasses has been constructed, you walk in, along a path seeming to float into the water - inside the mound there is a square of blue water with a stone tower in the middle, you walk into the tower, its a rounded smooth stone cave, with heated stone benches around the edges, a circular mosaic on the floor. You sit on the warm benches (very nice in Canberra in winter) and then you look up to see this!


A small hole lets in a constantly changing glimpse of the sky.

It is awesome.

It may be my new favourite thing at the gallery, although the fog sculpture has long since been my favourite and its hard to top the waves of fog rolling across a reedy pond. I love that something so intangible as mist can also be defined as something as solid as a sculpture and defined as art.


There are many pieces in this garden, if you haven't visited you should do so.

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[15 Jun 2011|03:41pm]
Have you brought your tickets for the new Circus Oz show yet? If not, I have some friends who accidently brought tix for the wrong night and need to sell them. If you want cheap Circus Tix - go here!

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[15 Jun 2011|10:49am]
Someone please bring tissues, honey and lemon? *looks pitiful*

Also - WTS - insane kittens :)

Anyone got any advice for dealing with a snake who hasn't shed properly?
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Long weekend [15 Jun 2011|10:37am]
So we went to Canberra for the long weekend. As per normal Canberra in winter is cold - well duh! You can no longer buy fireworks for fireworks weekend - Canberra is not the same without the smell of gunpowder and the noise of fireworks. We played a few sessions at the con - they were good, we GM'd a few sessions - they were good. The best bit was however, the catching up with friends - it was good to see everyone - roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike - even if the sheer number of young children was a bit scary.

As per usual - every time we go away the tentacle rack fell over - if i didn't know better I would assume that Rhys was sabotaging it :). The lovely Rhys cared for the kitties and assorted other creatures in the house. The kittens are still not talking to us due to our cruelty in abandoning them - or maybe they miss Rhys - but the internets are back to normal.

Anyway I'm home now - I seem to have contracted a cold - I blame the weather.

Did everyone else have a nice long weekend?
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Best news on the internet today! [03 Jun 2011|09:11am]

Melbourne author Kerry Greenwood writes a series of detective novels set in Melbourne in the 1920s starring Phryne Fisher.

I love these books, murder mysteries written with a love of history and a love of Melbourne.

They are going to be made into a tv series by the ABC!
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It is a lovely Autumn [01 Jun 2011|09:52am]
Well, I guess I should saw it was a lovely Autumn - given its June today and winter has arrived. Today we get dirt delivered to build our garden beds - there has to be something symbolic in there.

I used to hate the winter, really hate it, get seasonally depressed and it all sucked. These days I have a new philosophy with which to convince myself that winter isn't evil. I work on the theory there is no wrong kind of weather - just the wrong kind of clothes. Megan - having spent the winter in Berlin assures me that this isn't actually true. But I choose to stick with my theory.

But we live in Australia and it doesn't get that cold and I have the income to be able to afford good clothes, proper thermals and ducted heating, not being as skinny as I used to be also helps here a little. I no longer feel the need to spend winter in hibernation counting the days down to summer. Now I have learned to appreciate the beauty in the weather, I'd still rather sit inside wrapped up in doona's on the couch with a hot chocolate watching the weather through the window. But I can live with that.

Its been a cold autumn - but the wet summer followed by the lovely early autumn sunny days and cold snap in May have done something clever and sciencey to the autumn leaves which mean the colours are even more brilliant this year.

On last Friday I had a meeting at AAV at 1 Spring St in the city - here is the view from the window.


If I worked at AAV I would never get any work done, and spent all my time admiring the view and watching my city in action.

Yesterday I met Megan off the tram at Bell Street - and snapped another photo of my lovely city. Here is Merri Creek in the sunny weather.


Two photos - really taken not that far from each other.

I love the reflection of the sun.
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